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A New Look

About a month ago I decided it was time to bring a new look to the old website. Being of a certain age words like 'Blog', Vlog' and 'Hashtag' are a bit foreign to me. But here we are. Me attempting a 'Blog' for the very first time. (Reminds me of an 80's song) On Facebook I asked friends if they would be willing to submit photos of their pets for me to draw in order to add some fresh images to the website. The response was quite amazing. I also felt it was about time I started using a new medium. Coloured pencil is wonderful, but has it's limitations. So I thought I'd try Pastel pencils for this new venture. Wow, I'm in love. They do still have certain limitations, but for me they fill the gaps experienced with Coloured Pencil work. Here are some of the pets I created with pastel pencils; #pastelpencils #petportraits #cat #dog

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